Project Description

The Spanish research groups that developed the Consolider project CSD2006-00046, propose the creation of a scientific-technical Network of Excellence on Computer Architecture and Advanced Communications – ACCANet.

The main objective of the proposal is the transfer of results to society of research carried out by groups of the Consolider project. These results are focused on computer architecture and advanced communications, in all of its many areas, such as for example the processing node architecture, memory subsystem and interconnect networks (on-chip and off-chip), multiprocessor systems, client access through wireless networks, coding and multimedia content distribution and QoS (Quality of Service) in Cloud systems, among other research fields.

The Network will allow synergies at national and international level, and it is created with the will to join forces and get a critical mass to address successfully major international challenges.

Similarly, the aim of the Network is on the one hand, to achieve an increase in the transfer of results to the Society and in particular to the business sector, and on the other hand, to value the results that researchers are doing. Finally, the participation of members in international activities will be encouraged, especially the participation on R+D+ i European projects.

The Network aims to:

  • Disseminate research results and promote the transfer of research results to industry.
  • Increase the cooperation of the different members of the Society, serving as a link between all of them.
  • To gather the necessary experience to promote the positioning, competitiveness and leadership at international level.
  • Promote the creation and participation of new technological projects.
  • Promote training in Computer Architecture and Advanced Communications.
  • Boost the talent of researchers.