Networks and Virtual Environments Group – GREV

The group of Networks and Virtual Environments (in Spanish ‘Grupo de Redes y Entornos Virtuales’ or GREV) focuses its research on interconnection networks of distributed applications, distributed virtual environments and the development of scalable multiagent systems. Last years the GREV group has initiated interdisciplinary collaborations with other research groups in Bioinformatics and Archaeology fields. The main researcher is Doctor Juan Manuel Orduña Huertas.

Research Lines:

Linux Operating System for the remote memory management: Development of new services to use and manage remote memory.

Computational genomic: Optimization of existing software and development of new ones to make the most of all the existing resources in the computers that exist nowadays (multicore processors, graphic processors, etc.) that allow a substantial improvement in the genomic knowledge.

Collaborative augmented reality (CAR): To improve the benefits of the CAR systems, as a high level distributed application.

Population dynamic simulation: Integration of existing numeric models, complex models and social networks in scalable multiagent systems applied to the Neolithic agriculture expansion.

Multiscale systems based on social simulation techniques: Development of multiagent simulation systems that simulate human behavior in mobility politics, and also the effect of this behavior in urban areas.