Conferences 2019

J.M. Castelo, J.L. Martínez.
Forensic Analysis Overview in the IoT Environment. A Windows 10 IoT Core Approach.
En Jornadas Nacionales de Investigación en Ciberseguridad, Cáceres (Spain). Páginas: 206-213, 2019. ISBN: 978-84-09-12121-2.

J. Cano-Cano, G. Fernández, F. J. Andújar, F. Alfaro, J. L. Sánchez, G. Mora-Porta.
OPASim: an OPA Simulator for High-Performance Interconnection Networks.
4th International Workshop on Advanced Interconnect Solutions and Technologies for Emerging Computing Systems (AISTECS), Valencia (Spain). ISBN: 978-1-4503-6321-1. Enero 2019.

J. Rocher-González, J. Escudero-Sahuquillo, P.J. García, F.J. Quiles, G. Mora
Efficient Congestion Management for High-Performance Interconnection Networks using Adaptive Routing and Queuing Schemes
Proceedings of 19th Annual IEEE/ACM International Symposium in Cluster, Cloud, and Grid Computing (CCGrid 2019), Mayo 2019, Larnaca (Chipre). ISBN 978-1-7281-0912-1. DOI: 10.1109/CCGRID.2019.00036

T. Picornell, J. Flich, C. Hernández, J. Duato.
DCFNoC: A Delayed Conflict-Free Time Division Multiplexing Network on Chip.
6th Annual Design Automation Conference 2019: 95, Las Vegas, NV, USA, June 02-06, 2019, ACM 2019, ISBN 978-1-4503-6725-7. Core A.

A. Castelló, M. F. Dolz, E. S. Quintana-Ortí, J. Duato.
Theoretical Scalability Analysis of Distributed Deep Convolutional Neural Networks.
CCGRID 2019: 534-541. Core A.

A. Castelló, M. F. Dolz, E. S. Quintana-Ortí, J. Duato.
Analysis of model parallelism for distributed neural networks.
EuroMPI 2019: 7:1-7:10. Core B.

L. Fernández, M. Pérez, J. M. Orduña.
A Comparison Study of Wavelet Transforms for Detecting DNA Differentially Methylated Regions. 2019 International Conference on Computational & Mathematical Methods in Science & Engineering  (CMMSE’ 2019). Costa Ballena, Cádiz, Spain, June 30 – July 6, 2019.

E. J. Gómez-Hernández, B. Peccerillo, S. Bartolini, J. M. García.
Recoding the Caffe Framework using the Performance Portability Philosophy.
The Programming and Tuning Massively Parallel Systems Summer School (PUMPS), Barcelona (Spain). Junio 2019.

C. Sakalis, S. Kaxiras, A. Ros, A. Jimborean, M. Själander.
Efficient Invisible Speculative Execution through Selective Delay and Value Prediction.
46th International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA), pp. 723—735, Phoenix, AZ (USA), Junio 2019. GGS Rating: A++

A. Ros.
Berti: A Per-Page Best-Request-Time Delta Prefetcher.
The 3rd Data Prefetching Championship, Phoenix, AZ (USA), Junio 2019.