Computer Architecture & Parallel Systems – CAPS

The Computer Architecture & Parallel Systems (CAPS) Research Group brings together researchers from the Computer Engineering Department from the University of Murcia interested in computer architecture, parallel systems design and programming, operating systems and networking. The CAPS group is also part of the Advanced Communication and Computer Architecture (ACCA) research group leaded by Prof. José Duato.

The CAPS research group was created in December 2010 by a small group of young researchers from the University of Murcia. As for today, the group is led by Manuel E Acacio.

Research lines

The members of the CAPS group are deeply involved in a number of research lines:

  • Cache coherence protocols and memory hierarchy designs
  • Energy-efficient and temperature-aware architectures
  • Reliability, fault-tolerance and process-variation on systems design
  • Hardware Transactional Memory (HTM) systems
  • Self-adaptive I/O mechanisms for secondary storage devices
  • Parallel file systems
  • Parallel systems programming (OpenMP, MPI, GPGPU)